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0Invader, a cybersecurity specialist, focuses its positioning on 3 main fronts: The human factor, information and legal.

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0Invader accompanies you in all the legal and judicial aspects of your business. Prevention is better than cure ! limiting security vulnerabilities means better protecting yourself by limiting your company's vulnerabilities. Our tools allow us to detect in time any intrusion, whether internal or external.

Being in compliance with legal texts is an obligation that your company must apply to the administration. It will make you stronger, your business will be more secure.

Compliance increases your organization's trust value to third parties and customers.

Compliance with your legal obligations regarding the use and retention of information. (GDPR, DPO delegate).

Support from a network of lawyers who are experts in legal proceedings concerning cybersecurity.

Drafting of legal documents.

Collection of legal evidence in order to build an investigation file.

Hard disk expert report

The factor


When we think of cybersecurity, naturally we imagine a Hacker who behind his computer screen tries to break into our computers to corrupt or extract the sources of information contained therein.

If this image is true, the vast majority of information theft takes place internally, among your employees, your interns, your closest collaborators and sometimes unfortunately your inner circle.

« Too much trust in others is the ruin of many people »

Benjamin Franklin Quote Poor Richard's Almanac (1733)

Activity monitoring

Security policies

Information : OSINT1, HUMINT2

OSINT1: Open source intelligence
HUMINT2: Human intelligence

The base


The bit, unit of measurement to quantify information and which can only take two values: 0 or 1.

According to Landauer's principle, any irreversible erasure of a bit of information is accompanied by a release of energy. And according to Stephen Hawking's information paradox, even information cannot disappear inside a black hole.

Suffice to say, the information, more or less readable, is still there! We will always have the ability to make computer equipment “talk” and flush out malicious bits.

Data protection

Penetration test

Audit of security vulnerabilities

Installation of security equipment and software

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