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0invader - Cybersecurity company


0Invader assists organizations in implementing the recommendations of the NIST CyberSecurity Framework (CSF).

0Invader, specialist in cybersecurity, focuses its positioning on 3 main fronts: The human factor (HUM), the information (BIT), the legal (LEX). Anticipating and don’t suffering the impact of an attack are the goals of Cybersecurity.

Protect your ship!


« Trusting too much to others care is the ruin of many. » Quote from Benjamin Franklin ; Poor Richard's Almanack (1733)

The human factor

When we think about cybersecurity, naturally we imagine a hacker behind his computer screen, trying to break into our computers to corrupt or extract the data in them. The true picture, however, is that the vast majority of information looting takes place internally, among your employees, your trainees, your closest collaborators and sometimes unfortunately, even your closest circle.

Our solutions

Activity monitoring
Security policies
Information: OSINT1, HUMINT2

OSINT1: Open source intelligence
HUMINT2: Human intelligence


The bit is a unit of measurement for quantifying information and can only take two values: 0 or 1. According to the Landauer principle, every irreversible removal of an information bit is associated with a release of energy. And according to Stephen Hawking's information paradox, even information cannot disappear in a black hole.

As far as you can judge, the information, more or less readable, is still available! We will always be able to make the computer "talk" to remove the harmful bits.

Our solutions

Data protection
Penetration testing
vulnerability audit
Installation d’équipement et software de sécurité


0Invader assists you in all legal and judicial aspects of your company. Prevention is better than cure! By limiting the security gaps in your company, we reduce your vulnerabilities. Our tools enable us to detect any intrusion, whether internal or external, in a timely manner.

Fulfilling and complying with the legal texts is an obligation that must be implemented by your company for the administration. This will make your company stronger and your operations more secure.

Compliance with the regulations will increase the trust value of your company towards third parties - the customers.

Our solutions

Compliance with your legal obligations regarding the use and storage of data. (RGPD, DSB delegate).

Accompanied by a network of lawyers who are experts in litigation regarding Internet security.

Drafting of legal documents.

Collection of legal evidence to create a case file.

Technical report on the hard disk

Contact us

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